Matt DeMello & The Significant Looks

A songwriter for song nerds. A band that just barely puts up with it all.

The Discography So far

Starting with the deeply experimental 'There's No Place Like Nowhere' in 2014, a pretty wild ride begins. Check out both this stellar album along with past and
future releases below.   


There's No Place Like Nowhere (2014)

Armed with material workshopped in the legendary anti-folk stomping grounds of the Sidewalk Cafe in Alphabet City and decorated with a synthesizer orchestra in a grimy Long Island recording studio underneath a Chinese food joint, 'There's No Place Like Nowhere' blends the maximalism of Sufjan Stevens with the abrasive catharsis of Antony & The Johnsons. 

From the jubilant guitar-driven pop of “Save Me (The Back Road to Euphoria)” to the desolate emotional wasteland left at the album's swan song, “Scum of the Earth”, DeMello wraps his energetic vocalese around the rapture of solitude, spinning tales of love lost, friendships betrayed, and ultimately the greatest battle against ones own tormented psyche.


Jennifer's Appendix, Vol. 1: To The Person I'll Always Be (2015)

A self described "mixtape" recorded and mastered with "the least existent" budget imaginable, the first volume of the 'Jennifer Appendix' series conveys an alternate discography of demo quality jingles and experimental covers. Think Guided By Voices covering Nilsson Schmilsson.

In this first edition of the series, DeMello begins forming what would become The Significant Looks around a set of incredibly idiosyncratic takes of songs by TV on The Radio, Springsteen, Van Morrison, Phil Spector, The Beach Boys... and Ke$ha.

Which is all not to mention how the originals included in this set - including the forlorn 60s pop of "Tell Me (Over and Over)" and the fist-pumping garage rock of "Dancing With Devils"  -  convey an emerging DIY auteur just beginning to reflex his eclectic musical sensibilities.