Matt DeMello & The Significant Looks

A songwriter for song nerds. A band that just barely puts up with it all.


Matt DeMello & 
The Significant  Looks

Behold the future of furiously independent and challengingly unique solo artists, and his name is Matthew DeMello. Coming to you this time with a slamming new bar band, a single to boot, and an EP on the way — all calling back the energy of early Hold Steady and My Morning Jacket with a dynamic and narrative twist.

A veteran of the prog pop and math rock scenes of Providence, Rhode Island, DeMello escaped his New England home turf early this decade to the physical and spiritual midway point between Woodstock and Brooklyn. There he made his debut album, 2014’s 'There’s No Place Like Nowhere', a document of one man’s reaction to the contemporary landscape or as he puts it, “theme music for the guy at the party who feels so utterly alone in a crowd full of people.”

Armed with capital-S Songs thoroughly road-tested at the legendary Sidewalk Cafe on the Lower East Side and generating slow burning word of mouth campaign in its wake, the album garnered comparisons to Antony & The Johnsons and fellow anti-folk firebrand Regina Spektor in blogs like Noonday Tune. DeMello quickly followed up the effort with 2015’s 'Jennifer’s Appendix, Vol. 1: To The Person I’ll Always Be', a self-described ‘mixtape’ of mostly demo quality material recorded throughout the creative process of No Place. Think Nilsson Schmilsson being covered by Guided By Voices. Or Tobias Jesso Jr. via the Strokes, or what have you.

Throughout the course of recording this early discography coalesced The Significant Looks, his backing band featuring New Jersey high school choir BFFs and vocalists Jennifer Nordmark and Liz Wagner Biro, Blaze Pascal producer and frontman Roo O’Donnell on drums, and No Place co-producer Alex Busi on bass. Together, they form not only a formidable ensemble but an artistic enclave, sharing practical resources and creative synergy, usually all under the Salieri Records banner.

Matt DeMello and his Significant Looks come to you this year bearing the fruit of great labor. Their latest single, “… Don’t Mind if I Do!” - due for release on June 23rd - is a summer jam that asks all of the important questions: (including but not limited to) what’s wrong with raiding an abandoned wine cart on a golf course during your walk of shame? And what exactly is a tyrant to do with a chosen few? Not unlike the equally bombastic news cycle, you may just have tune in and find out.